Remove Tubes

Prophylactic Salpingectomy Surgery

Ovarian cancer is one of the hardest cancers to detect and treat early. Research has shown that most ovarian cancer starts as a few undetectable cells in a fallopian tube. Remove Tubes Alliance is a group of doctors committed to reducing the occurrence of ovarian cancer in the Bay Area. This is accomplished by providing you easy access to local surgeons who will join any routine abdominal surgery to also perform the elective procedure to remove your fallopian tubes. Research has shown this will help prevent ovarian cancer.

The steps are simple and assume you have no plans for future pregnancy:

  • 1. As you begin planning your abdominal surgery, inform your surgeon of your interest in the Remove Tubes Alliance (RTA)… you may have heard about RTA through your abdominal surgeon.

  • 2. Review the RTA surgeons who have privileges at your hospital and select one from the directory below.

  • 3. Contact that RTA surgeon to book a pre-surgery consult date (due to surgeons schedules filling up, please book this as soon as possible)

  • 4. Attend your RTA surgeons pre-surgery consult, and complete your sterilization consent and advanced beneficiary notice.

  • 5. Make payment for your RTA surgeon’s office visit and surgery fees.

  • 6. Payment is required as most insurances will not authorize the elective / prophylactic removal of fallopian tubes. Your RTA surgeon will keep coordinated with your abdominal surgeon and appear at the surgery and preform the Salpingectomy.

  • 7. RTA surgeons are not allowed by law to collectively set a Salpingectomy fee so you will likely find different fees at different RTA surgeon offices.