General Health and Wellness


Yoga helps to strengthen and stretch the pelvic floor.

Yoga with Adriane: Free yoga for all levels which combines humor, physical and mental wellness.


Meditation can reduce stress and thereby promote health and healing.

Headspace offers a free app and offers information as well.


Learning to use more healthful ingredients can be hard. Here are some good places to start, though many are still quite high in salt.

Try omitting salt from the recipes (or cutting in half) and buy low salt beans and broth. Then if you desire you can still add a little at the table. Food salted at the table will generally have a much lower overall salt content.

Andrew Weil has a restaurant – True Food Kitchen and shares many of the recipes. Including my favorite kale salad – best the next day and impossible to make enough.

Veggie Soul Food has great conversions of common dishes to vegetarian versions. 

101 Cookbooks has healthy, flavorful vegetarian and vegan recipes.