Issues with Sexual Health

Why do sexual problems occur?

Tissue Health

Menopause, tissue radiation and a number of skin conditions can cause discomfort, decreased lubrication and decreased enjoyment of sexual intimacy. Medical therapies are available to improve vaginal tissue health.


Key to decreasing pain and improving function. KY and Astroglide may be used. For women with sensitive skin coconut or olive oil will also work well. There can never be too much lubrication!


Pain can interfere with enjoyment of intimacy, but also with our body’s response cycle. Treatment is twofold – improving the pain and restoring the normal sexual response cycle. Treatment is based on the source of the pain and may include medications, physical therapy or other procedures.


Women can experience changes in desire throughout their lifetimes. These may be due to life stressors, relationship issues, health problems, or may come up out of the blue. 

How do I know if I have a sexual problem?

Basically, if there has been a change in your sexual health that is bothering you, treatment is available. Some women have a decline in sexual activity at certain times in their life, however if it is not bothersome treatment is not needed. Everyone is different- there is no ‘normal’

What can be done to treat sexual problems?

Many treatments are available including behavior changes, counseling, pelvic floor physical therapy and medications.