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Vaginal Hysterectomy

With a vaginal hysterectomy, the surgeon makes an incision inside and near the top of the vagina. The surgeon then reaches through this incision to cut and tie off the ligaments, blood vessels, and fallopian tubes.  Once the uterus is cut free, it is removed through the vagina.   The procedure normally takes one to two hours. Often, the patient can go home the same day return to normal activities takes about one to two weeks.

Since the uterus is removed through the vagina, a vaginal hysterectomy is appropriate only for conditions in which the uterus is not too large, and in which the whole abdomen does not require examination using a more extensive surgical procedure.  The advantages of this procedure are that it leaves no visible scar and is less painful. The disadvantage is that it is more difficult for the surgeon to see the uterus and surrounding tissue. Large fibroids sometimes cannot be removed using this technique.


Vaginal hysterectomy is the preferred route when it is an appropriate option.  The advantages of vaginal hysterectomy include.

  • Less pain and less risk of infection
  • Faster recovery, often going home the same day and quick return to normal activities
  • No visible scar

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