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Social/Coping Counseling

Approach to Therapy

group counseling and psychotherapyWe believe that psychotherapy is a collaborative process. We focus on addressing needs and issues that bring patients into therapy, and teaching skills or developing new ways of thinking or new behaviors, so that the patient can not only see improvement, but also be able to continue this on their own outside of therapy. Each session, we will set an agenda together, and work on issues that are most important. Many times, we will give patients “homework assignments” - either skills to practice in-between sessions, or exercises to help facilitate discussions or other work within sessions. This helps to maximize the effectiveness of our time together and counseling services. We also ask for feedback each session, as open and honest feedback not only helps to build a strong relationship, it allows us to better tailor techniques and approaches to your unique needs.


Dr. Amanda Withrow sees patients at our Los Gatos office every Monday.

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