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Nutrition Services

nutrition counseling services for a healthy lifeProper nutrition and adequate physical activity are well known and well documented in numerous clinical studies to be associated with decreased cancer recurrence and overall quality of life improvement for cancer patients


Our dieticians work with patients and their families to help them develop an understanding of proper food choices to promote a healthy life.  Nutrition counseling services include assessing your nutritional risk and determining your goals and then providing practical suggestions to help you meet your nutritional needs.  We will also offer strategies for family members and caregivers to help maximize nutrition intake.


Eating guidelines for cancer patients can differ greatly from usual dietary guidelines.  Our dieticians can offer recommendations for cancer patients that are specifically designed to help the patient cope with the effects of cancer and its treatment.  The benefits of maintaining optimal nutrition through our nutrition services treatment and long after include:

  • Prevention or correction of malnutrition
  • Enabling the patient to tolerate treatment better
  • Maintaining or improving strength and energy
  • Improved ability to fight infection
  • Improved recovery and healing after treatment
  • Maintaining optimal quality of life
  • Reduction in risk of cancer recurrence
  • Reduction in risk of developing a new cancer

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